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What is a Rewards Program?

It's a card or membership account you use across a national network of restaurants, retailers, and entertainment venues. Merchants reward you for frequenting their business and you only have to carry one card or give the merchant your phone number. If you've already started earning points, you can check your balance and update your information by clicking one of the links above.

How does it work?

Merchants have their own, individualized rewards program. Each time you make a purchase, you accumulate points toward that merchant's rewards. You will earn one point for every dollar spent. The merchant will provide you with your reward when you have accrued enough points.

How do I join?

To join is free at any of the participating merchants listed through the above links. The next time you visit one our merchants, ask them for a card and you'll start earning points immediately. Enjoy!

What if I lose my rewards card?

If you've lost your card, please click here.

What if I forget to bring my card on a visit?

If you forget your card when visiting a merchant, you can give the clerk your phone number. If it's too late for that solution, click here.

Why do I have two point balances on my receipt?

The first point balance on a receipt is your current point total for the specific business where you accumulate the points. The second point balance is your lifetime point balance, which is a balance of all points accumulated. Lifetime points cannot be redeemed and have no value.

Why is my balance going down?

Once your point balance reaches the reward level, your points will automatically be exchanged for a reward. For example, if the program is "150 points = $10 reward", once you reach 150 points, your balance will be reset to zero and a $10 reward will be issued to you. The reward value will be stored on your account. When you are ready to redeem that reward, ask your server/cashier to redeem your reward. You can keep your rewards and group them until you are ready to redeem.

How do I claim my rewards?

When a merchant adds your points, you will receive a receipt showing the amount you have earned. If that particular use of the card earns a reward, the receipt will have a special reward notification area letting you know that reward is now stored on your account.

How do I change my personal information and email address?

We have developed a special section of the PowerCard site devoted to membership changes, updates, and preferences. To make changes now, please click here.

What happens with my personal information?

PowerCard will never rent or sell your information to anyone - ever! Your information is stored on a secure database that can only be accessed by a few select employees. PowerCard does create anonymous reports based on information such as zip codes and ages that are supplied to PowerCard merchants.